Dr André Silveira

Post-Doctoral Researcher at Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

Post-Doctoral Researcher, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Dr André Silveira is a Post-Doctoral Researcher in the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. He has worked on sustainability and cross-sectoral environmental issues for the last eight years, with a focus on East Asia and Europe.

In 2014 he completed a PhD at Cambridge on the adaptive capacity of water governance systems in China and Western Europe. From 2009-2012 he led a three-year research collaboration programme on river basins for Chinese and European academia and public managers, and contributed to the work of the EU-China River Basin Management Programme as a consultant to Atkins Global. He is currently working on issues of justice in transitions to sustainability.

André is also Visiting Professor of Environmental Management with the University of Saint Joseph, in Macau, China. Based in China from 2001 to 2008, he led projects in the charitable sector promoting cooperation between Asia and Europe. This included inter-disciplinary research programmes on Modern China, and the rapidly developing links between China and Africa. His core interests are those that cross cut science, policy, business and civil society, in particular those related to environmental justice and institutional capacities to address environmental change. André is one of the founding directors of OurNature consultancy.