The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) is an institution within the School of Technology of the University of Cambridge and is dedicated to working with leaders from business, government and civil society on the critical global challenges of the 21st century. CISL contributes to the University’s mission and leadership position in the field of sustainability via a mix of executive programmes and leadership groups, informed by world-class thinking and research from the University of Cambridge and other partners.


Dr Annela Anger-Kraavi

Senior Research Associate

Dr Anna Barford

Prince of Wales Global Sustainability Fellow

Nicolette Bartlett

Senior Programme Manager

James Beresford

Former Programme Manager

James Cole

Director of Corporate Relations and Communications

Polly Courtice

Emeritus Director

Dr Gemma Cranston

Acting Director, Natural Resource Security Portfolio

Dr Louise Drake

Senior Programme Manager

Helen Ford

Programme Director

Dr Emma Garnett

Prince of Wales Junior Research Fellow

Harry Greenfield

Programme Manager

Tony Juniper

Senior Associate

Dr Jake Reynolds

Executive Director, Sustainable Economy

Martin Roberts

Director, Natural Capital

Grant Rudgley

Programme Manager, Sustainable Finance

Gillian Secrett

Director, Leadership & Culture

Dr Nina Seega

Director of the Centre for Sustainable Finance

Dr André Silveira

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Dr Cath Tayleur

Programme Manager

Catherine Tilley

Director, Executive and Graduate Education

Thomas Vergunst

Programme Manager

Thomas Verhagen

Senior Programme Manager

Nick Villiers

Director of Sustainable Finance

Aris Vrettos

Director, Open and International Programmes

Liam Walsh

Programme Manager, Natural Capital

Eliot Whittington

Chief Systems Change Officer