Dr Anil Seal

Fellow at Trinity College Cambridge

Fellow, Trinity College, Cambridge

Dr Anil Seal is a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. Together with John Gallagher, he is one of the founders of the 'Cambridge School of Indian History' which has helped to transform the understanding of modern India. His pioneering work on the 'Emergence of Indian Nationalism', published more than four decades ago, has led to many monographs from this 'school' by many of his erstwhile research students, now among the biggest figures in the subject.

He is also the founder Director of the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust, Cambridge Overseas Trust, Cambridge European Trust, the Gates Cambridge Trust, the Isaac Newton Trust and is presently Director of the Malaysian Commonwealth Studies Centre at Cambridge, Joint Director of the Cambridge China Development Trust and Director of the newly established Cambridge Malaysian Education and Development Trust, as well as Executive Trustee of the Nehru Trust for Cambridge University, inter alia. These trusts have enabled innumerable overseas and European students to study at Cambridge and launched other initiatives that have kept Cambridge at the forefront of the international academic scene.