Dr Billy Boyle

Co-Founder and President at Owlstone Nanotech

Co-Founder and President, Operations, Owlstone Nanotech Ltd

Billy Boyle co-founded Owlstone Nanotech Ltd in 2004. The company produces the Owlstone detector, a ground-breaking solid state sensors device that used micro- and nanofabrication techniques to detect a wide range of airborne or dissolved chemical agents in extremely small quantities.

This detector has many applications across industries from security and defence to automotive and healthcare, not just due to its small size and low cost, one hundred times smaller and one thousand times cheaper than existing technology. The device was originally developed by the founders whilst at the University of Cambridge.

Within Owlstone Nanotech, Billy oversees the development and implementation of the detection technology with nanotechnology foundry partners. He is also active in business development, demonstrating to partners how the Owlstone technology can used to realise a paradigm shift in detection applications and deployment scenarios. Billy is also heavily involved in the creation and realisation of new technologies and Intellectual Property.

Prior to joining the company Billy was a Research Associate in the Microsystems and Nanotech group at Cambridge University. In an academic / industry consortium he designed and developed silicon-opto hybrid devices for next generation telecoms systems.