Dr Catriona Manville

Research Leader at RAND Europe

Research Leader, RAND Europe

Dr Catriona Manville is a Research Leader at RAND Europe, where she works in the area of Innovation and Technology Policy. Since joining RAND, she has been involved in and managed research, policy analysis and evaluation studies across the sectors of health and higher education for clients in a variety of sectors including higher education institutions, public-private partnerships, public health and the pharmaceutical industry.

She has a specific interest in the pathway by which academic research can lead to impact, and experience in working with academics to realise and articulate their impact. Prior to joining RAND Europe, Dr Manville worked in the Science Team at the British Library. In her research, she investigated how research impact outside of the academic environment will be measured in REF2014 (the UK-wide assessment of the outputs of higher education institutions). She has a PhD in biochemistry from Newcastle University where she specialised in the propensity of drug therapies to cause cancer. As part of her PhD, she spent a year working in the genetic toxicology department at GSK.