Professor Daping Chu

Professor at Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Professor and Head of the Photonics and Sensors Group, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Professor Daping Chu is a Director of Studies at Selwyn College, Cambridge; Chairman of the Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics (CAPE) Steering Committee, and Fellow of the Institute of Physics.

Professor Chu’s research themes include

Buildings and Cities
Developing technologies for light and energy management for use in industrial, commercial and domestic premises

Materials and Chemistry
Building knowledge of materials and thin film processes for solar control and photovoltaics - a method of converting solar energy into electrical current, most commonly through solar panels

Smart Systems and Device Design
Solar control glazing, large area reflective colour displays, photovoltaic technology, optical and radio communications in metropolitan and municipal areas, sub-wavelength and tuneable radio and microwave antennae

Energy Efficiency
Responsive and high performance functional control structures and panels which can be integrated into the built environment. That will provide functional elements designed for the 21st century life-styles whilst also improving energy efficiency and usability

His other current research interests include

  • Ferroelectric thin films and non-volatile memories
  • Inorganic and organic thin film transistors and devices
  • Solution properties, ink-jetting and surface patterning for micro-liquid processing (fabrication from liquid source materials)
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