Dr Ethan Aines

Industrial Knowledge Exchange Manager at Cambridge Zero

Industrial Knowledge Exchange Manager, Cambridge Zero

Dr Ethan D. Aines is the Industrial Knowledge Exchange Manager at Cambridge Zero.

Ethan was previously a Research Assistant at the Centre for Climate Engagement at Hughes Hall, and a Policy Assistant at the Centre for Science and Policy and Cambridge Zero. His work with CSaP and Cambridge Zero included liaising with Cambridge City Council on their policies to tackle the climate crisis and researching regional climate risk for the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Independent Commission on Climate.

Ethan's background is in archaeology, and he completed a PhD and MPhil in archaeological research at the University of Cambridge with funding from the Cambridge International Trust. His doctoral dissertation explored human-environmental interaction and the persistence of landscape and environmental changes in East Anglia over the past 5,000 years. He has detailed and specific knowledge/training in research, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and data sciences. Ethan also holds a bachelor's degree from Stanford University in California, where he grew up. Prior to completing his degree at Stanford, he worked in publishing and journalism for six years in Cairo, Egypt.

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    Synthesising Compelling Evidence: Insights for Early Career Researchers

    On the 9th of March, NERC-funded doctoral students attended the second workshop session in a two-part professional development programme hosted by the Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP). The objective of this session was to give PhD students hands-on experience of delivering scientific advice to policymakers. Students were divided into groups and asked to produce policy briefings to be judged by a panel featuring Professor Sir David King, Professor Bill Sutherland and Sam Reed. This exercise was accompanied by presentations exploring speakers’ career trajectories in academia and policy.