Dr Flo Harrison

at Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR)

Career Development Fellow, Centre for Diet and Activity Research

Since her time as an undergraduate at UEA, Flo Harrison has pursued an interest in environmental impacts on human health. She returned to UEA in 2004 after a stint at a London environmental consultancy to work on a Wellcome Trust funded project exploring spatial patterns and environmental associations with cryptosporidiosis outbreaks. She then embarked on a PhD investigating school level correlates with adiposity, diet and physical activity using data from the first phase of the SPEEDY study. Flo assisted in the SPEEDY study; compiling questionnaires, collecting data, and generating objective environmental measures.

Flo is currently a career development fellow in CEDAR with a specific interest in the environmental determinants of diet and physical activity in children. Her focus is on the role of the school environment and how it may shape health-related behaviour both within and beyond the school gates. Much of her work to date has been based on the first phase of SPEEDY data collection and she now hopes make use of data from SPEEDY 3.