Helen Pennant

Director at Cambridge Commonwealth European and International Trust

Director, Cambridge Commonwealth European and International Trust

Helen Pennant is the Director of the Cambridge Commonwealth European and International Trust, which awards approximately 400 scholarships a year and supports over 1000 students from 85 countries across the degree range, from undergraduate to PhD level. As Director, Helen manages the strategy of the trust and, in consultation with the Trustees, sets Trust policy. She also represents the Trust at external events, meeting with prospective students, partners and alumni to help show the value of the Trust both in the University and internationally.

Helen is a former civil servant with experience working in European and International engagement. She has worked at the British Embassy in Paris and the European Commission, and spent seven years in Canada where she was Executive Director and Special Advisor to the President at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. She holds a joint degree in French and History from the University of Oxford, and is a Fellow of Clare Hall Cambridge.