Dr Jamie Walters

Research Associate at Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge

Research Associate, Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge

Jamie Walters's current research (the BiognostiX project) involves the development and application of sensing technologies for the fabrication of inexpensive biodiagnostic sensors. The project is EC funded under Framework Programme 7, and brings together six academic, research and commercial partners from five European countries (UK, Finland, Spain, Switzerland and Italy). It will develop technologies and flexible manufacturing methods for the fabrication of biodiagnostic sensors on fibre-based substrates (e.g. paper or card).

Previously, in work supported by an EPSRC/RSC Analytical Studentship, he developed a fast-response ion-selective spherical optical sensor (optrode) consisting of hollow microcapsule structures with analytical reagents embedded within an ultrathin shell. This new optrode geometry presents a highly ion-selective optical response in which the response time is over two orders of magnitude faster than any published solid sensing particle of comparable dimensions. The application of these highly-selective fast-response capsule optrodes to living systems should provide new information regarding the influence of drugs, toxins and environmental changes on cell function.

Jamie completed his PhD at Cambridge in 2012, having previously gained his BSc in nanotechnology at the University of Leeds.