Julia Amtmann

Student of Responsibility in Science, Engineering and Technology at Technical University Munich


Policy intern, Centre for Science and Policy

Julia joined CSaP in October 2020 as part of a 2-month internship.

Julia is a graduate student of “Responsibility in Science, Engineering and Technology” at the Munich Center for Technology in Society, Technical University of Munich. She is studying the interrelation of technology, politics, science and society and she is especially keen on learning about ethics in artificial intelligence and social justice in social media. She researches various topics on biomedicine, post truth and science communication.

Julia finished a BA in Intercultural and Business Studies where she focused on Economics, Politics and Southeast Asian Studies. Her studies culminated in a thesis about the effect of the Lèse-Majesté Law and the Computer Crimes Act of the Thai penal code on the democratization process of the country.

Besides her studies, Julia volunteers for the party Volt Europa. By leading the event series of ‘Volt meets Experts’ in Germany she concentrates on consolidating the visions of scientists and politicians.

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