Dr Mark Carrigan

at Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge


Mark is a digital sociologist, describing, explaining and intervening in digital society, using his training as a social theorist and qualitative researcher across a range of settings. He is Digital Engagement Fellow at The Sociological Review where he has spent four years exploring how we can use digital media to communicate sociological knowledge. He is a researcher in the Culture Politics and Global Justice cluster in the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge where he works on theorising the digital university. He also works as a consultant, trainer and coach to apply digital sociology to help ideas circulate in this new environment without losing their scholarly value. One of his current research projects is The Distracted People of Digital Capitalism: a monograph exploring ‘distraction’ as a sociological phenomenon. He is interested in making sense of the cultures which emerge through platforms, as well as the problems they create and how these can be regulated. His main focus is on higher education and training academics to use social media, but he intends to explore the broader methodological and theoretical issues raised by these developments.