Megan Smith

Head of Offshore Wind Advisory at The Carbon Trust

Head of Offshore Wind Advisory, Carbon Trust
Policy Fellow, Centre for Science and Policy

Megan Smith leads the offshore wind advisory team at Carbon Trust, focusing on providing policy and industrial strategy advice to industry and the public sector globally. She is a policy expert with a strong track record in supporting policy makers to accelerate the growth and reduce the cost of their local offshore wind industry efficiently and sustainably. Megan has supported a wide range of clients, including offshore wind developers, technology innovators and key policy makers in Japan, Colombia, the USA, Wales, Scotland, England, Ireland, Taiwan, and China.

Megan is a fluid dynamicist by background, with degrees in Mathematics from Imperial College London and Bristol University and spent several years as a Senior Policy Analyst at Ofgem developing the UK’s Offshore Wind Transmission regime before joining the Carbon Trust in 2013. Since being at Carbon Trust, she has led a large number of offshore wind research and development programmes, including several technology demonstration projects under the Offshore Wind Accelerator, the UK’s flagship £100m R&D programme, through which her team has delivered a 15% cost reduction in offshore wind in the UK alone.