Dr Monika Preuss

Deputy Director for Covid-19 Surveillance Studies at NHS Test and Trace


Policy Fellow of the Centre for Science and Policy

Before joining NHS Test and Trace, Monika led for the Department of Health & Social Care on genomics science policy including delivery of the 100,000 Genomes Project, sustainable policy on genetics and insurance, gene editing, regenerative medicine, and rare diseases policy. She was also Head of Profession for Scientists and Engineers for the Department of Health & Social Care and the UK representative on international committees and Boards, including at European Union level. She previously held a number of other science and public health policy roles in government, for example as Head of the Office for Strategic Coordination of Health Research in 2009/10. She delivered the organisational design for Public Health England in 2012 after which she helped shape the organisationand set its direction as Head of PHE’s Strategy Unit.

Monika has a background in biotechnology and gene therapy and joined the Department of Health in 2003 to work on the Genetics White Paper and runa number of ministerial ethics advisory committees.