Nick Godfrey

Senior Adviser and Senior Visiting Fellow at Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment

Senior Adviser, Grantham Research Institute, LSE

Nick is a Senior Adviser for the Grantham Research Institute at LSE, helping to lead its work to support the Coalition for Finance Ministers for Climate Action, a Coalition of over 60 Finance Ministers committed to leading the global climate response and securing a just transition towards a low-carbon, climate resilient economy. Nick also supports the development of the institute’s work on new economic thinking, focused on making the case for transforming the global economic system to deliver the sustainable, inclusive, and resilient future we need in-line with the goals of the Paris Accord and SDGs.

An economist, strategic adviser, and leader of coalitions, Nick specialises in assembling and catalysing new partnerships and teams to transform the key economic systems required to ensure planetary safety and enhance human well-being.

Until late 2021, Nick was the Co-Founder and Director of the Coalition for Urban Transitions, a special initiative of the New Climate Economy, and the leading global initiative of 35+ institutions supporting national governments to secure economic prosperity and tackle the climate crisis by transforming cities. Before this, Nick was a member of the Executive Team of the New Climate Economy, a major international initiative to examine how countries can achieve economic growth while dealing with climate risks led by a Global Commission of 26 former heads of state, finance Ministers, CEOs, and thought leaders, Co-Chaired by Lord Stern. Nick was a co-author of the “Better Growth, Better Climate” report.

  • 18 June 2024, 9:30am

    2024 CSaP Annual Conference

    Our Annual Conference brings together an audience of policy professionals, academic experts and business leaders for a day of talks and presentations, and to share and discuss issues and ideas on a range of topics from innovation and economic growth to climate and sustainability. Speakers from government, academia, and industry will present examples of how we are working together to address new and emerging policy challenges.