Dr Nina Seega

Director of the Centre for Sustainable Finance at Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), University of Cambridge


Research Director, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Dr Nina Seega is a Research Director for Sustainable Finance at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL). She is an expert in the use of risk management tools to address environmental sources of risk in the financial sector. Since 2016 she has co-led the CISL team serving as Knowledge Partner for the risk analysis track of the G20 Green Finance Study Group. Previously, Nina was the Head of the London Traded Products Desk for Dresdner Kleinwort, where she was responsible for credit risk management of traded products.

Nina holds an MSc in Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems from the London School of Economic and Political Sciences (LSE) and an MPhil in Innovation Strategy and Organisation from the University of Cambridge. Nina is a Cambridge University Jesus College Scholar, a McKinsey Risk Prize finalist, who has taught at Cambridge, London School of Economics and State University of Management in Moscow, and spoken before the Russian Parliament.