Dr Richard Gibbens

Professor in Network Modelling at Department of Computer Science and Technology, University of Cambridge


Professor in Network Modelling, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge

Dr Richard Gibbens’ research interests are in the mathematical modelling of networks especially communication networks, road transport networks and more recently energy networks. Within the field of communication networks Dr Gibbens has been working on:

  • Dynamic routing in telecommuncation networks
  • Effective bandwidths for ATM networks
  • Congestion pricing for packet networks
  • Multipath routing in fixed and wireless networks

His research in motorway networks has evaluated data on traffic flow, congestion and journey time, and developed an effective statistical methodology for short-term prediction of journey time; which fuses together real-time data with data from a large historical repository.

Dr Gibbens has also been working as part of the TIME project within the Computer Laboratory on traffic on urban roads around the city of Cambridge. Data on this project comes from a real-time feed of trajectories from GPS receivers fixed to buses.