Dr Sandy Skelton

Research Associate at Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Research Associate, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Dr Sandy Skelton is an environmental economist with a particular interest in the motivations and trade-offs associated with material efficiency and demand reduction. She is currently a Research Associate for the Whole System Energy Modeling (wholeSEM) project, exploring the welfare implications of reducing demand, and improving the characterisation of demand reduction in whole system energy models. Sandy’s PhD focused on the incentives for greater material efficiency in the use of steel. The work was funded by the WellMet2050 project under the supervision of Prof Julian Allwood, University of Cambridge. Sandy holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Cambridge and an MSc in Metals and Energy Finance from the Imperial College Business School.

Between degrees, Sandy worked for the policy research consultancy Brook Lyndhurst, advising the public sector on pro-environmental behaviour change policy. During the four years she spent there, she worked on a variety of environmental issues, first as a researcher and later as a project manager.

  • 29 June 2017

    2017 CSaP Annual Conference: How does academia contribute to the work of government?

    Our 2017 annual conference will bring together members of our extensive network to discuss some of the opportunities for policy makers at both local and national levels to draw on academic expertise in support of more effective policy making.

  • 14 April 2015, 10am

    CSaP Annual Conference 2015

    This year our conference will explore opportunities for improving the way government accesses, assesses and makes use of expertise from the humanities, and offer examples of the significant contribution these disciplines have made to public policy.