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  • 13 May 2024

    Synthetic and engineering biology - a powerful toolkit for discovery

    Engineering and synthetic biology was the focus of an event for CSaP’s Dowling Policy Fellows and policy maker guests on 26 April 2024. Academics from four different disciplines underscored the transformative potential of bioengineering while emphasising the crucial need for responsible regulation and vigilance regarding emerging biosecurity risks.
  • 9 May 2024

    The Government, science policy, and products - from concept to consumer

    UK National Technology Adviser, Dr David Smith, delivered CSaP's Annual Cleevely Lecture last month. He discussed the importance of products as a deliverable of innovation, and the steps that the UK is taking through its newly announced Science and Technology Framework to deliver security for innovators.
  • 5 December 2023

    Digital Transformation for Public Services

    A discussion on the digitisation of services brought together a group of experts from Cambridge University to highlight some of the successes and failures in the implementation of digital transformation for public services.
  • 29 June 2023

    Innovation policy for societal challenges

    Dr Eoin O'Sullivan, Centre for Science, Technology & Innovation Policy chaired a discussion with Dr Molly Morgan Jones, the British Academy, and Dan Shah, UKRI. The session focussed on how societal challenges feature in the UKRI and BA strategies, as well as the importance of working with other countries to tackle global challenges.
  • 30 May 2023

    Transforming organisations and research cultures for mission-led innovation

    In a recent roundtable discussion at Jesus College, Professor Jenny Gibson and Professor Mark Girolami shed light on the transformative journey of Nesta and the Alan Turing Institute, as they made the shift towards mission and challenge-led innovation.
  • 8 March 2023

    Restraint and Opportunity – technology and behaviour change for climate mitigation

    After a morning of individually tailored meetings with Cambridge academics, senior members of CSaP’s network convened for a talk by Julian Allwood, Professor of Engineering and the Environment at the University of Cambridge, presented around the theme of the day: “innovation in materials”.
  • 4 November 2022

    Innovating our way to Net Zero: Insights from a Policy Workshop

    The Centre for Science and Policy and Laura Diaz Anadon, Professor of Climate Change Policy at the University of Cambridge and Director of CEENRG, delivered a policy workshop on strengthening the UK’s innovation ecosystem in the energy space to meet the government’s net zero target.  
  • 19 August 2022

    Offshore floating complexes

    We've been working with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) to host a series of workshops on ‘offshore floating complexes’ (OFCs) - theoretical floating settlements with the potential to be very large in scale. Could 'floating cities' ever become a reality?
  • 19 July 2022

    Horn Fellowship: AI, supply networks and geopolitics

    Members of CSaP's Horn Fellowship gathered together at Sidney Sussex College for a day of talks with University of Cambridge academics on AI, supply chain networks and current geopolitical issues, such as the reclassification of the “Great Powers” in Europe.
  • 22 June 2022

    Bioelectronic medicine: developing neurotechnology and wearable electronics to improve human health

    Researchers from the University of Cambridge's Bioelectronics Laboratory guided CSaP's Policy Leaders Fellows on a tour of their cutting-edge facilities, demonstrating how recent advances at the interface of electrical engineering and clinical neuroscience have the potential to transform treatment approaches across healthcare.