The Institute for Government is an independent charity with cross-party and Whitehall governance working to increase government effectiveness.

It works with all the main political parties at Westminster and with senior civil servants in Whitehall. It provides evidence based advice that draws on best practice from around the world.

They undertake research, provide the highest quality development opportunities for senior decision makers and organise events to invigorate and provide fresh thinking on the issues that really matter to government.

Practical research and learning

Central to their approach is the integration of our research and learning programmes.

Their research focuses on the big governance challenges of the day and on finding new ways to help government improve, rethink and sometimes see things differently.

Their inspirational learning and development programme provides a range of opportunities to help ministers, senior civil servants and their teams to govern and lead more effectively.


Their events support our research and learning programmes and provide platforms for leading international experts to exchange ideas and share new thinking on best government.

Expert advice

They provide practical advice from people with in-depth experience of working inside government to support senior decision makers to improve performance


Tim Durrant

Associate Director

Dr Matthew Gill

Programme Director

Dr David Halpern

Senior Fellow

Tom Sasse

Associate Director