Annual Conference Virtual Seminar Series: Privacy enhancing technologies

11 June 2020, 11am

This year instead of holding a one-day annual conference in London, we will be delivering a series of virtual seminars in May and June on topics that CSaP and our network have worked on over the past year. Invited experts will offer insights into some of the latest research that has the potential to inform decisions taken by policy makers.
The fifth virtual seminar in this series will be on the topic of privacy enhancing technologies with expert speakers from Privitar, the Royal Society and Warwick University.

How does technology fit into the policy community’s understanding of privacy? Panellists will use case studies to explore tensions between enabling access to data and privacy. We will explore how differential privacy might be applied, the value of governed and secure data, online harms, and where privacy enhancing technologies fit within the aims of the National Data Privacy Strategy. Panellists will also address the privacy implications of the covid-19 response, including examining the privacy implications of contact tracing apps.

Date: 11 June 2020

Time: 11:00-12:15 on Zoom

Host: Dr Natasha McCarthy - Head of Policy, The Royal Society

Confirmed speakers
  • Guy Cohen - Policy and Strategy Lead, Privitar Ltd
  • Professor Carsten Maple - Principal Investigator, NCSC-EPSRC Academic Centre of Excellence,
    Cyber Security Research, University of Warwick
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For more details on other seminars in this series, please visit our annual conference webpage.

Banner image: Christiaan Colen on flickr

Guy Cohen

Privitar Ltd

Professor Carsten Maple

University of Warwick

Dr Natasha McCarthy

Royal Academy of Engineering