The Inaugural Reynolds Lecture - 7 July 2022

7 July 2022, 5:30pm


Is A River Alive? Animism, Conservation and the Rights of Nature

Date: Thursday 7 July 2022

Time: 5.30pm - 6.45pm followed by drinks and networking

Venue: Emmanuel College, Cambridge


Is a river alive? Can a forest think? Does a mountain remember? Over the last fifteen years, an idea has gathered momentum in jurisdictions worldwide: that glaciers, rivers, cloudforests and mountains and other 'earth entities' might be recognised in law as rights-bearing beings, with legal standing.

The inaugural Reynolds Lecture explores the landscapes, lawscapes, complexities, histories and futures of this new-old idea that the natural world is far more alive than we allow.

Lord Richard Wilson has established a new annual lecture series in honour of Dame Fiona Reynolds, his successor as Master of Emmanuel College. The first lecture will be given by Professor Robert Macfarlane.

banner image - Keith Ewing on Flickr

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Professor Robert Macfarlane

Faculty of English, University of Cambridge

Dr Rob Doubleday

Centre for Science and Policy, University of Cambridge