Bene't Steinberg

Group Director Public Affairs at Cambridge Assessment

Group Director, Public Affairs, Cambridge Assessment

Bene’t Steinberg has worked in the field of education for over seven years, principally dealing with the politics and perception of assessments and examinations. At Cambridge Assessments he has oversight of all of their education operations – the UK exam board OCR, Cambridge International Examinations and Cambridge English for Speakers of Other Languages. Through this role he has been able to observe the impact of policy on children in secondary and primary school.

Prior to his current role, Bene’t spent a decade at Chelgate Ltd working with clients such as Shell International, NTL and OCR. Starting his career as a political adviser in the House of Commons, Bene't was involved in the privatisation of VSEL, the ship building concern.

Moving to Hill & Knowlton, he advised the Water Services Association on its strategy and tactics in relation to the Government during privatisation. Building on the environmental knowledge gained at this time he set up the Environment Division at Hill and Knowlton and ran a number of pan-European environmental influencer programmes.

After designing and implementing the strategy used by the Independent Television Association (ITVA) to ensure that the Broadcasting Act reflected the needs and concerns of the ITV companies, Bene't formed his own company assisting in ITV franchise bids. Later joining Good Relations, he focused on Issues Management. Placing issues at the heart of public policy, such as forestry, and advising on controlling negative PR, he also advised and assisted NutraSweet to take sponsorship of the London Marathon.