Dr David Whitebread

at Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

University Senior Lecturer in Psychology of Education, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

Dr David Whitebread is a developmental cognitive psychologist and early years specialist. Before joining the Faculty of Education in Cambridge, he taught in Primary schools, mainly in Leicestershire, for 12 years.

His research interests are concerned with children's cognitive development and implications for early years and primary education. A particular focus has been the development of metacognitive awareness and strategic control in relation to a number of areas of learning. These have included children's problem solving and reasoning, mathematical strategies and road safety skills. Other interests include children learning through play, early years ICT, the education of the gifted and talented, children's drawings, and the the application of cognitive neuroscience to education. His current particular focus is concerned with the early development of metacognition and self-regulation in very young children.