Professor Epaminondas Mastorakos

Professor of Energy Technologies at Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Professor of Energy Technologies, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Working within the Acoustics, Fluid Mechanics, Turbomachinery and Thermodynamics Division of the Department of Engineering, Dr Mastorakos’s research focuses on combustion and reacting flows. His current research concentrates on simulations and experiments of turbulent combustion, and in particular on "flames at the limit"; such as the ignition and extinction phenomena that have applications in diesel engines and gas turbines.

His work on simulations and simulation tools includes reduced chemical mechanism construction, laminar flames, Direct Numerical Simulations of turbulent flames, and simulations of non-premixed reacting flows with the Conditional Moment Closure (CMC) method. His research team’s CMC code is currently being used by various laboratories across the world.

On the experimental side, his work includes combustion in porous media for hydrogen production for fuel cells, auto-ignition and spark ignition of turbulent non-premixed flames, spray combustion and blow-off of flames. Spark ignition of non-premixed combustion has proven to be a very fruitful research topic. His team has recently performed various new experiments with igniting jets, counterflows, bluff-body flames and heptane sprays.

Professor Mastorakos grew up in Athens and received both his undergraduate degree and PhD from Imperial College, London; along with an MS from Cornell University in America. He has worked internationally as a post-doctoral researcher in universities and research institutes in Japan, France and Greece.