Professor George Malliaras

Prince Philip Professor of Technology at Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge


George Malliaras is the Prince Philip Professor of Technology at the University of Cambridge. His research is on bioelectronics. He leads a group of scientists, engineers and clinicians who study the fundamental processes that take place at the abiotic/biotic interface and develop better tools for healthcare. Research themes include the development and translation of implantable and wearable devices that interface with electrically active tissues, with applications in neurological disorders and brain cancer. Click here to access the website of the Bioelectronics Laboratory.

Prof. Malliaras' research on organic electronics and bioelectronics has been recognized with awards from the New York Academy of Sciences (Blavatnik Award for Young Scientists), the US National Science Foundation, and DuPont, and with an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Linköping, Sweden. He is a Fellow of the Materials Research Society and of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and serves as a Deputy Editor of Science Advances. He is the Director of the EPSRC IRC in Targeted Delivery for Hard-to-Treat Cancers.