Jamie Turner

Deputy Director, Performance at UK Health Security Agency

Deputy Director, Performance, UK Health Security Agency
Policy Fellow, Centre for Science and Policy

Jamie Turner is the Deputy Director of Performance at the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA). He is responsible for the creation and delivery of a performance regime that brings together the strategic priorities and policies of the Agency, so that UKHSA builds on the lessons learnt from the pandemic and has the contingency plans in place to respond effectively to future health security threats. Before this, Jamie was Director of Testing Operations, accountable for engagement with - and the delivery of - Covid-19 testing operations across the Devolved Administrations.

Jamie’s career has progressed within a wide range of sectors, starting as a qualified lawyer, before working on counter-terrorism policy for the United Nations, and then leading policy across a variety of Government departments, including before joining UKHSA, fuel poverty and energy security at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, civil contingencies and estate policy at the Cabinet Office, and leading the delivery of a number of high-profile projects across Parliament while head of Government Services at Lendlease Consultancy.

He has a BA Hons in Politics and an MA in Law from the University of Sheffield, and a LLM in Public International Law from the University of Nottingham.

  • 18 June 2024, 9:30am

    2024 CSaP Annual Conference

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