Dr Kai Liu

University Associate Professor at Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge

University Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge

Dr Liu is an applied microeconomist specializing in labor economics and public economics. Kai also works on the economics of China. His work has used individual and household survey data from both developed and developing countries, as well as large administrative data from Norway. His research can be categorized into three broad themes. The first theme contains a set of papers studying individual or household behavior under risk and uncertainty. These papers aim to advance our understanding on how much risk people face, to what extent risk affects their choices such as consumption, labor supply and human capital investments, and what types of risks matter for explaining behavior. The second theme of studies adjustment of individual workers and firms to labor market shocks, with a particular focus on changes in return to skills and mechanisms driving such changes. The last theme studies life-cycle decisions of women and their implications on gender gap in the labor market, and cognitive development of children.