Mark Fabian

Research Associate at Bennett Institute for Public Policy, University of Cambridge


Mark is a welfare economist working on the Measuring Well-Being project at the Bennett Institute for Public Policy. His research focuses on the epistemology and ethics of well-being metrics, especially how policymakers and citizens understand well-being, its measurement, and the legitimacy of well-being policy interventions.

Mark was previously a Fulbright Fellow at the Brookings Institution where he studied the role of psychological well-being and social capital in the 2016 US Presidential Election. He is continuing this line of inquiry at the Bennett Institute, examining the role of culture and community in well-being and how policy can be more sensitive to these issues. Mark's PhD from the Australian National University was an interdisciplinary analysis of what well-being is and how to measure it. He integrated lesser known well-being ideas from clinical psychology and continental philosophy with more prominent perspectives from analytical philosophy, welfare economics, and hedonic psychology. The resulting model illuminates the differences between well-being in an individual and societal context, helping to steer well-being policy towards where it can be most benign.