Professor Nigel Unwin

at MRC Epidemiology Unit

Strategic Lead, Global Public Health Research, MRC Epidemiology Unit

Nigel Unwin is the Strategic Lead for Global Public Health Research at the MRC Epidemiology Unit, Cambridge. Global Public Health Research looks at the increase in Non-Communicable Diseases in developing worlds, including measuring population behaviour such as physical activity, investigating the causes of behaviours, and increasing education and public awareness of the causes of NCDs.

Nigel studied Physiological Sciences, Medicine and Surgery at the University of Oxford and Community Medicine at the University of Manchester. He spent several years working for hospitals and health authorities, before becoming a Lecturer and then Senior Lecturer at Newcastle University while studying his DM in Epidemiology at Oxford. After a spell as a Medical Office with the World Health Organisation he became Professor of Epidemiology at Newcastle, before moving to the University of the West Indies, where he has held multiple positions, and is currently a Visiting Professor of Population Health Services.

Nigel's current research includes measuring and assessing the impact of policy measures created to prevent NCDs in Caribbean nations, and looking in to whether the successful UK study in to reversing diabetes with low-calorie diets can be replicated in the Caribbean.