Dr Noemie Bouhana

Professor of Crime Science and Counter Extremism at University College London (UCL)

Lecturer in Security and Crime Science, Jill Dando Institute, University College London

Dr Bouhana is both a political scientist and a criminologist by training, with a special interest in the contribution of criminological theory and research methodologies to an understanding of terrorism and radicalisation. Specifically, she is interested in the systemic and ecological processes involved in the emergence of radicalising settings, and the role that these settings, in turn, play in individuals' development of a terrorist propensity. Other research areas include issues related to the evaluation and implementation of threat reduction technologies, including counter-terrorism measures, as well as a long-standing interest in offender profiling and its limitations.

Most recently, Dr Bouhana completed a Rapid Evidence Assessment (REA) of research on Al Qa'eda-linked radicalisation for the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism (Home Office). She is now Principal Investigator of the IVEE (Individual Vulnerability, Exposure, Emergence) research project, a multi-pronged empirical study which will begin to test some of the hypotheses set out in the REA. This work is supported by a career development grant from the Faculty of Engineering Sciences and sponsored by the National Offender Management Service.

Dr Bouhana is also co-Principal investigator of a research project on the unintended consequences of counter-terrorism measures on public transport funded by UCL Research Challenges, and a collaborator on a project entitled "Resilient Infrastructure and Building Security" (RIBS), funded under the European Union's FP7 Framework. She is also the recipient of ESRC funding. Previous work on the foundations of a scientific framework to support the "Winning Hearts and Minds" strategy was funded by the Science and Technology Counter-Terrorism Centre (UK Ministry of Defence