Dr Richard Milne

Senior Social Scientist at Wellcome Genome Campus

Senior Social Scientist, Society and Ethics Research, Wellcome Connecting Science

Richard Milne is a Senior Social Scientist in the Society and Ethics Research Group, Connecting Science at the Wellcome Genome Campus. He is interested in how genomics and new diagnostic technologies shape our concepts of health and illness, and what that ultimately means for the care of current and future patients. His work currently explores these questions in the context of genomic medicine, big data and Alzheimer’s disease research.

Richard holds a PhD from University College London, writing his thesis on the production of pharmaceuticals in genetically modified crops. He carried out postdoctoral research with the University of Sheffield, researching how labelling of food relates to safety and quality, and has also worked for Birkbeck University of London, the Royal College of Nursing, the Royal Horitcultural Society and on secondment at the PHG Foundation health policy think tank.