First New Policy Fellows Elected for 2015

5 December 2014


Following another competitive election process, the Centre has announced the names of the successful applicants to the Policy Fellowship for Lent Term 2015. They include our first Fellow from the Ministry of Justice, completing the representation of the Fellowship in all of the major Whitehall Departments, as well as the first of our new Fellows from local government under a scheme supported by the ESRC (see here).

The newly elected Fellows, who will make their first visits to Cambridge between January and March, are:

  • Nigel Campbell (Chief Analyst, Implementation Unit, Cabinet Office)
  • Tim Cooper (Director of Research, Accenture)
  • Paul Crawford (Chief Economist, Department for Culture, Media and Sport)
  • Jim Johnston (Clerk to the Finance Committee, Scottish Parliament)
  • Rachel King (Head of Budget Project Management and Presentation, HM Treasury)
  • Dominic Lake (Deputy Director of Arts, Libraries & Cultural Property, Department for Culture, Media and Sport)
  • Scott McPherson (Director of Law, Rights and International, Ministry of Justice)
  • Michael Soper (Research & Performance Team Manager, Cambridgeshire County Council)
  • John Taysom (Angel investor)
  • Niva Thiruchelvam (Head of Student and Short-term Migration Policy, Home Office)

Invitations to researchers to meet the Fellows on their visits to Cambridge will be made over the coming weeks. The Centre would like to thank the members of the election panel for their contributions to reviewing the candidates' applications. The next deadline for applications is 31 January (for Easter Term 2015) - for further details see here.

The Policy Leaders Fellowship - which caters for the most senior members of our network - has also recently welcomed a number of new members, including Chris Wormald (Head of the Civil Service Policy Profession), Sam Beckett (DG, Economics and Markets, BIS), Paul Grice (Clerk and Chief Executive, Scottish Parliament), Charlie Massey (DG, Strategy and External Relations, Department of Health) and Jonathan Slater (DG, Head Office and Commissioning Services, Ministry of Defence).