Dr Ian Lewis

Director of Infrastructure Investment at University of Cambridge

Director of Infrastructure Investment, University of Cambridge

Dr Ian Lewis is the Director of Infrastructure Investment at the University of Cambridge. His role is predominantly outward looking, i.e. engaging with partners in the region to try and ensure that the significant regional housing, transportation and commercial development taking place supports the University's aspirations for continued success. The University needs housing suitable for the kinds of people it employs, needs to minimise congestion in the region and within the City of Cambridge, provide efficient transportation routes, and provide infrastructure that supports the world-class collaboration that is so important to our success.

A particular thread of significant effort is to push the region forward in terms of digital capabilities including a "Smart Programme" for the transportation infrastructure, enhanced communications both fixed and mobile (such as better broadband, public wifi), and the deployment of "research-grade" optical fibre in concert with the many transportation developments.

The Greater Cambridge region has been an economic success for UK plc over the past few decades with the University being the 'anchor tenant' in the region. A number of large companies with significant research interests have based their activities in the region. But the City of Cambridge is feeling the strain of this economic growth, and the future expansion of the 'ecosystem' will depend upon the successful expansion of this network much deeper into the region with benefits both for the region and the City.

Between 2005 and 2014 Ian was the Director of the University Computing Service.