Dr Jin Zhang

University Lecturer in International Business at Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS)

University Lecturer in International Business, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Jin Zhang is currently Senior Research Associate of Jesus College and Deputy Director of China Centre, Jesus College, University of Cambridge. She is Deputy Director of the China Executive Leadership Programme (CELP), which brings together the chairmen and chief executive officers of the world’s leading multinational enterprises and their counterparts from China’s largest firms in Cambridge for an annual three-week interactive sessions on topics including micro corporate practices, macroeconomic issues of the world economy as well as sustainability and challenges of globalisation. Jin Zhang is University Lecturer in International Business at the University of Cambridge. She has taught courses on international business economics, political economy of technology policy, and comparative studies on multinational firms and large Chinese firms. Her research focuses on the transformation of large multinational firms and the institutional change of large Chinese firms in the era of globalisation; state structure, state-business relations and multinational corporate behaviour. In addition to journal articles and book chapters, she has published books including Catch-up and Competitiveness in China (Routledge, 2016, originally published in 2004 by RoutledgeCurzon), Global Business Revolution and Cascade Effect (Palgrave, 2007), and edited book China and the World Economy: Transition and Challenges (Routledge, 2018). She is currently co-editing two books on China’s economic, social and environmental transformation between 1978-2018. Jin Zhang is the Executive Series Editor of the Routledge series ‘China in the World’.

Jin Zhang has BA degree from Nankai University and MPhil and PhD degrees from the University of Cambridge.