Dr Jude Browne

Director at Centre for Gender Studies, University of Cambridge

Frankopan Director, Centre for Gender Studies, University of Cambridge

Dr Browne's research interests include gender, sex segregation, political and social theories of equality, social dialogue, modern economies and capabilities, social and human rights.

Her recent work has scrutinized critically the explanatory power and prescriptive claims of prominent accounts of gender inequality in several different disciplines. These range from various quantitative metrics of gender inequality as well as sociological, psychological and economic causal theories from the social sciences, through to bio-physiological accounts of gender difference in the natural sciences, through to the more abstract accounts of political philosophy. In relation to these accounts of inequality, she has also analysed potential mechanisms available for the enforcement of social rights in both national and international settings (e.g. the social and legal implications of the implementation of the principle of equal treatment in the European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice, with particular reference to sex discrimination).