Dr Raphael Lyne

at Faculty of English, University of Cambridge

Lecturer, Faculty of English, University of Cambridge

Dr Raphael Lyne is currently working within the field broadly known as cognitive theory – that is, the interpretation of literature in the light of scientists’ theories about the workings of the brain.

This work has various strands. The first on metaphor and thought, and the second on reinterpreting literary imitation and allusion as kinds of memory. The third strand began on literary recognition and perception, and has broadening into a wider interest in drama as means of psychological experiment.

Alongside the cognitive work, he is working towards an edition of Shakespeare’s poems (co-edited with Cathy Shrank) for the Longman Annotated English Poets series. In the longer term he plans to write a book on Shakespearean comedy, on which he has lectured for most of his career.

Prior to his current role, Dr Lyne completed his PhD on the 'Studies in the English Imitation and Translation of Ovid, 1567-1609'; which included chapters on Arthur Golding, Thomas Churchyard, Christopher Marlowe, John Donne, Michael Drayton, and Thomas Heywood. Following this he became a Lumley Research Fellow at Magdalene College, Cambridge and later a College Lecturer and then a University Lecturer. He has publish several books in his areas of research interest.