Richard Moulange

President at Cambridge University Science and Policy Exchange

PhD student – AI for medicine, University of Cambridge

Richard is a PhD student at the MRC Biostatistics Unit, researching machine learning and its applications to medicine, especially cancer genomics. He is particularly interested in understanding how to make AI systems more generalisable across different healthcare settings, which is crucial for deploying these kinds of tools at scale across the NHS. He is supervised by Dr Sach Mukherjee and Dr Oscar Rueda.

Richard is also the President of the Cambridge University Science and Policy Exchange. CUSPE connects students and early-career researchers with policymakers and hosts events to equip them with the tools and knowledge to navigate the science–policy interface. CUSPE also works closely with the Cambridgeshire County Council through its Policy Challenges programme – which provides high-quality research and actionable recommendations on pressing local government policy questions – and publishes its own peer-reviewed, open-access Journal.

Richard is especially concerned about catastrophic risk mitigation and policy responses to extreme threats, such as the risks from unsafe AI, a large-scale nuclear exchange, engineered pandemics and extreme climate change. More broadly, he is interested in how to improve institutional decision-making and encourage longer-term thinking in government.
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    Bioelectronic medicine: developing neurotechnology and wearable electronics to improve human health

    Researchers from the University of Cambridge's Bioelectronics Laboratory guided CSaP's Policy Leaders Fellows on a tour of their cutting-edge facilities, demonstrating how recent advances at the interface of electrical engineering and clinical neuroscience have the potential to transform treatment approaches across healthcare.

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    Behaviour change and sustainability

    CSaP in collaboration with Professor Charles Kennel, Director Emeritus at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego, delivered the 2022 series of climate change seminars hosted by Christ’s College, Cambridge. The second seminar chaired by Dr Rob Doubleday – CSaP Executive Director – explored how behavioural science can inform policymaking to improve sustainability and help reach net zero.