Dr Victoria Price

Policy Intern at Centre for Science and Policy, University of Cambridge

Policy Intern (April - July 2023), Centre for Science and Policy

Victoria is a CSaP PhD policy intern and is responsible for writing news articles and policy briefs, organising visits for the CSaP Policy Fellows, and matching them with relevant academics. She is due to complete her doctoral degree in Geography at the University of Southampton in 2023, where her research explores the intersection of economic geography and small business growth.

During her studies, Victoria worked as an associate researcher on a UKRI funded project investigating the impact of COVID-19 on the self-employed and taught classes in geographic information systems and statistics. She was also a research assistant in collaboration with Jadavpur University in India, investigating household adaptations to climate change in the Sundarbans Delta. Her first degree is in Geography, from the University of St Andrews, including a semester at the National University of Singapore.

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    Unveiling the future of AI

    CSaP’s Horn Fellows gathered at Jesus College, Cambridge for a day of interdisciplinary discussions on Artificial Intelligence (AI), balancing the potential for the application of AI in health and science against its risks.