How should we tackle climate change in the coming decades?

15 March 2017


2017 Climate Seminar Series: In it for the long run

Science, politics, knowledge management, innovation and markets all play a role in climate change action. Bringing together speakers spanning the worlds of research and policy, this series of events explored how the multifaceted aspects of climate change action can come together to help us make the right decisions for the long run.

In 2017, CSaP partnered with Christ's College Cambridge to deliver a series of climate seminars which looked at how we will tackle climate change in the coming decades. Visiting Research Fellow, Professor Charles Kennel, and other invited experts covered topics from the role of space agencies in monitoring climate change to how machine learning techniques can be used to improve climate model predictions.

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Thumbnail image from United Nations. Banner image from Bioversity International.

Professor Charles Kennel

University of California San Diego