Dr Amy Ludlow

Affiliated Lecturer in Law at Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge

Affiliated Lecturer in Law, Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge

Dr Amy Ludlow is an Affiliated Lecturer in Law, in the Faculty of Law at the University of Cambridge. Her research interests include: EU law, European and domestic labour law, public procurement law, criminology, sociology of law, and empirical methodology.

Amy got her MA in Law from Trinity College, Cambridge in 2008 and stayed on to do a PhD, which she completed in 2013. Her thesis sought to describe and explain how, why and to what effect competition and privatisation is being used in the prison sector in England and Wales through a labour law and industrial relations lens. It combined public source data collection with an empirical case study at HMP Birmingham, the first operational public sector prison in England and Wales to be transferred into the private sector, in order to carefully and credibly describe and evaluate market testing, procurement and competition processes in our prisons against labour law and industrial relation standards and values.