Dr Jennifer Cobbe

Coordinator at Trust and Technology Initiative

Coordinator, Trust and Technology Initiative

Jennifer is the Coordinator of the Trust & Technology Initiative, which brings together and drives forward interdisciplinary research from Cambridge and beyond to explore the dynamics of trust and distrust in relation to internet technologies, society and power. She is also a Researcher in the Compliant and Accountable Systems Group in the Department of Computer Science and Technology (Computer Laboratory), and she is affiliated with the Microsoft Cloud Computing Research Centre. Jennifer holds a PhD in Law and an LLM in Law and Governance from Queen’s University, Belfast. For her PhD, she studied machine learning in commercial, state, and political internet surveillance, data protection, and privacy.

Jennifer's research takes an interdisciplinary approach to look at the impact of the use of new and emerging technologies in the areas of public law, human rights, surveillance, privacy, and data protection. Her current primary area of research is on applying administrative law standards and judicial review processes to automated decision-making in order to develop standards, mechanisms, and tools for legally compliant and reviewable systems in the public sector. She is also interested in technical means for improving legal compliance and accountability of complex systems; legal regulation of new technologies; and theoretical approaches to privacy, surveillance, and emerging tech.