Jon Sussex

at RAND Europe

Chief Economist, RAND Europe

Jon Sussex is the Chief Economist at RAND Europe. He is also the co-director of the Cambridge Centre for Health Services Research (a collaboration between RAND Europe and the Institute of Public Health at the University of Cambridge).

Jon has 25 years of experience in consultancy and research of health sector policy and economics in the UK and internationally. He has published on a wide range of topics in this field, including on the impact of competition and other forms of incentives in the NHS, the role of the private sector in tax-funded healthcare, quantifying spillovers and time lags in medical research, and the regulation of medicine prices.

Before joining RAND Europe, he was deputy director of the Office of Health Economics (London), a management consultant at Deloitte and Touche, and health economic adviser at HM Treasury.

  • 21 January 2021, 3pm

    Counting the Costs: How are the costs of inaction and action best framed?

    The first seminar in this series will explore how to frame the case for change, in particular how quantifying the costs - using different metrics - and the moral arguments for change have worked in climate change and health inequalities, and the frames that might best foster synergistic action post COVID-19.

  • 11 June 2020, 9:30am

    CSaP Annual Conference Seminar Series 2020

    This year instead of holding a one-day annual conference in London, we will be delivering a series of virtual seminars in May and June on topics that CSaP and our network have worked on over the past year