Professor Koen Steemers

Professor of Sustainable Design at Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge

Professor of Sustainable Design, Department of Architecture University of Cambridge

Professor Koen Steemers took was as Head of the Department of Architecture from 2009 to 2014, having been a lecturer in the Department since 1995 and before that a Research Associate and doctoral student in the Martin Centre.

Professor Steemers is an architect and sustainable design specialist. His current work deals with the architectural potential of environmental issues such as energy, light and comfort. His research activities are focused on the environmental performance of buildings and cities, given that buildings account for 50% of the energy use in the UK, and cities are the focal point of energy demand. Energy design software has been developed to inform urban building for effective use of lighting, heating and ventilation. His research has also examined the environmental performance of cities, leading to an understanding of the effect of urban design parameters such as density, compactness and orientation. Recent work includes design to allow for adaptation to climate change, as well as an analysis of occupant perception and behaviour, which will relate to planning strategies. He has produced over 150 publications and works with architects, engineers, developers and government.

His research interests include

  • energy efficient cities
  • sustainable buildings
  • urban design
  • low impact buildings
  • architecture
  • low energy buildings
  • sustainable urban design