Dr Lynnette Dray

Senior Research Associate at Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge

Senior Research Associate, Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge

Dr Lynnette Dray is a member of the University of Cambridge Institute for Aviation and the Environment. Her research is centred around policy-focussed and environmental transport modelling, with a particular emphasis on aviation. She is lead modeller on the Aviation Integrated Modelling (AIM) project, a research effort aimed at developing a global policy assessment tool encompassing the economic, environmental and operational aspects of aviation. She has also participated in numerous other aviation-related studies, including analysis of aircraft fleets, purchasing and retirement for Omega; analysis of the interactions between different aviation policies (also for Omega); and work on comparing and harmonising existing European aviation modelling capabilities (the EU Team_play project). More recently, she is part of the EU MetaCDM project to look at the impact of extreme events on the aviation system, and how they can best be handled.

She also led the modelling effort in the EU framework 7 Technology Opportunities and Strategies for Climate-friendly transport (TOSCA) project. This project looked the capabilities for technology to reduce EU transport emissions across all modes, with a particular focus on year-2050 emissions goals and on robust policymaking in the face of future uncertainty.

Her background is in numerical modelling, including a PhD in computational astrophysics from Cambridge University's Institute of Astronomy.

Her research interests include

  • Aviation demand
  • Fleet and systems
  • Transport emissions
  • Numerical modelling
  • Model uncertainty
  • Policy analysis