Professor Michelle Baddeley

at UTS: University of Technology Sydney

Director and Research Professor, Institute for Choice, UniSA Business School, University of South Australia

Professor Michelle Baddeley is a leading expert in behavioural economics and finance, and has an extensive track record in applied economics research. She has undergraduate degrees in Economics and Psychology from University of Queensland, and an MPhil/PhD (Economics) from the University of Cambridge. Prior to her I4C-UniSA appointments, she was a School Director and Professor in Economics and Finance of the Built Environment, University College London and before that Director of Studies (Economics), Fellow and Lecturer at Gonville & Caius College, University of Cambridge. She is an Honorary Professor with the UCL Institute for Global Prosperity, University College London.

In her research, Michelle uses insights and methods from applied economics, behavioural economics and neuroeconomics to explore policy-relevant topics across a range of domains including investment appraisal, financial decision-making, employment/unemployment, housing, development economics, cybersecurity and energy. She specialises in analysing herding and other social influences – a theme explored in her latest book Copycats and Contrarians – Why We Follow Others and When We Don’t (Yale University Press) and featured in her contribution to Oxford University Press’s VSI series: Behavioural Economics – A Very Short Introduction. Alongside many books and edited volumes, she has published in a wide range of international journals, and serves on a number of editorial boards. She has had significant successes in attracting research grant funding, including from the UK Research Councils and the Leverhulme Trust. She is currently a co-Investigator on the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council Global Challenges Research Fund project RELIEF (Refugees, Education, Learning, Information Technology and Entrepreneurship for the Future) – a £4.1 million collaboration between UCL and Lebanese universities/research institutes. She is keenly interested in applying economic research insights to practical policy problems, and is an Associate Fellow with the Cambridge Centre for Science and Policy and an Associate Researcher with the Energy Policy Research Group, University of Cambridge.

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