Dr Shailaja Fennell

Lecturer in Development Studies at Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge

Lecturer in Development Studies, Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge

Dr Shailaja Fennell's research focuses on the public-private partnership in education, to better understand the influence of new education providers. Her research is conducted as part of a Cambridge-based consortium on educational outcomes for the poor (RECOUP).

Through her contribution to RECOUP she is involved in the University’s Cambridge-India Partnership; a long term, resilient and evolving relationship founded on scholarly and research-based collaborations, two way exchanges at every academic level, and at the interface of academia with NGOs, business, and public policy, commitment to capacity building for a global future in both Cambridge and India and ever strengthening relations with alumni.

Dr Fennell's previous research has examined the long term trends in cereal production in China and India.

Her current research interests include

  • Institutional economics
  • Agricultural reform
  • Gender and household dynamics
  • Kinship and ethnicity
  • Comparative economic development