Dr Shaun Fitzgerald

Director at Centre for Climate Repair

Director, Centre for Climate Repair

Shaun is Director of the Centre for Climate Repair. He is an Official Fellow in Engineering at Girton College and a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. In addition to work tackling climate change he has supported the work on tackling Covid-19. He served on the SAGE Environmental Modelling Group, the DCMS Venues Steering Group, the Science Board to the Events Research Programme, and the Aerosol Generating Procedures panel, and serves on the WHO High-Level Expert Group on COVID-19. Shaun was awarded an OBE in 2021 for services in response to Covid-19.

Prior to joining the Centre for Climate Repair Shaun was Director of the Royal Institution in London, and before then he had founded and led Breathing Buildings, a hybrid ventilation company spun out from Cambridge. Shaun was heavily involved in the reformulation of ventilation guidelines for educational buildings, and is continuing his work on energy efficient building design collaborating with teams from Nottingham University and Loughborough University.