Professor Wendy Pullan

Professor of Architectural and Urban Studies at Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge

Professor of Architectural and Urban Studies, Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge

Dr Pullan’s research focuses on meaning and change within urban conditions, both historical and contemporary. Her work is informed by the underlying relationships of urban praxis to planning, policy and theory, and she has studied various multidisciplinary situations that reflect the city. She has published widely on Mediterranean and Middle Eastern architecture and cities, especially Jerusalem, including the recent edited volume Making Architecture (Jerusalem: 2006). With Political Scientist Mick Dumper, she is now completing Politics and Urban Order in Divided Jerusalem.

She is Principal Investigator for 'Conflict in Cities and the Contested State’, and from 2003 to 2007, directed the ESRC funded ‘Conflict in Cities: Architecture and Urban Order in Divided Jerusalem’, upon which the present project is built. In 2006, Dr Pullan received the Royal Institute of British Architects ‘ inaugural President’s Award for University Led Research for work on Conflict in Cities.

Dr Pullan holds a BA from the University of Toronto, a BArch from the University of British Columbia and a PhD from Cambridge. She lived and taught in Jerusalem for 13 years.

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