Professor Alastair Beresford

Professor in Computer Security at Department of Computer Science and Technology, University of Cambridge

Professor in Computer Security at the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge

Professor Beresford’s research work examines the security and privacy of large-scale distributed computer systems. Within this broad area, he is particularly interested in the security and privacy of networked mobile and embedded devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops. He explores the security of the devices themselves as well as the security and privacy problems induced by the interaction between devices and the wider Internet. His work takes several complementary approaches, including the critical evaluation of existing products, the design and construction of novel prototype technologies, and the interactions between humans and devices.

Professor Beresford is currently a Director of the Centre for Mobile, Wearable Systems and Augmented Intelligence, based in the Computer Laboratory, and he is also a member of the Cambridge Cybercrime Centre, working alongside colleagues to conduct research into cybercrime.